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How to Protect Your Swimming Pool From Tanning Lotions and Sprays

Suntan lotions are normally oil-based. When those oils get in the water, they prove almost impossible to get out of the filter system. Once bonded with the filter material, it’s there to stay.

It’s no different for the pool in your backyard. Even if you employ a strict shower-before policy, you’re going to end up with oils in your pool. Black gunk will begin to accumulate in certain trouble spots like the skimmer, the filter and filter hardware. It can be a pain to remove, and also affects the functioning of your filter.

The good news is there are a number of ways to help your water and filter system remain oil-free. First, follow the same rules the big boys do. Shower before jumping in the pool, just as a precaution and to remove some of the body’s natural oils as well. Then, if suntan oil is applied, it should be rubbed in completely so there’s no white residue on the skin, and also allowed to soak in as per the products’ directions.

Most of the black stuff that shows up around your pool is the result of guests slathering on the sunscreen and then jumping right in. If that’s what guests using your pool are doing, they’re not only directly contributing to the oily mess around your pool, but they’re also washing off most of the suntan oil they just applied.

Protect Your Pool

If you do have a problem with oily residue or black gunk around your pool, in the filters, etc., there are a number of solutions you can try. One of the most effective is treating your pool with an enzymatic solution. You can find them at your local pool supply store. Simply follow the instructions on the container, which usually involve dumping the solution into the pool. It will go to work immediately, not only on the oils in your pool, but also detergents, dirt and pollen.

The enzyme will also help prolong the life of your filter media, even if you run a sand filter. You can also purchase specific spray enzyme solutions that can be applied directly to the filter to help extend its life.


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